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Thanks to [ profile] midniterose, here is how to stop the crossposting of comments/entries from LJ to sites like Facebook:

There is a way to disable everything. Here is what you have to do:

1. Go to your "Journal" menu, and select "Journal Style"
2. To the right, you'll see what theme you're using, with a link stating "Customize Your Theme". Click that link.
3. Scroll down a little ways, and you'll see that on the left side of your screen, you have multiple options to modify your theme. Click on the "Custom CSS" link, and it should load the options for doing Custom CSS.
4. From here, all you have to do is go to the "Custom Stylesheet", and put in that line.

.b-repost-item, FORM#qrform > TABLE[style="border: 1px solid black;"]:last-child TD[style="vertical-align: top; text-align: right;"]:first-child { display: none !important; }

once you have it pasted in there, save changes.

Feel free to PASS THIS ON!!
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Wales always messes with me. I always forget that I need to look for Welsh place-names rather than the English ones, and that roads that continue on maps tend to turn into the sea without warning on the land. I also forget that Gaelic is no help whatsoever with anything Welsh. *sighs* I am never driving in Wales by myself again, I only managed to escape via Sennybridge, which was helpfully labeled by the Army with "East-bound (England) Traffic, follow BYPASS A40". In Red.

On the plus side, I had the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in; the cute little pub had awesome cider that knocked me sideways at two in the afternoon; and I just had 'gigli' pasta, which has indeed made me giggly. *beams*

Never again Wales, never again until next year at least.


Jan. 4th, 2010 02:25 pm
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I am trying to tax my car. Unless I tax my car, I can't drive her on the roads. I need to drive her on the roads to get to school.

Taxing my car means paying money to the Government. The Government thinks this is a good thing. The Government needs more money. Why are they making it so difficult therefore to tax my car?

*screams* I'mma use someone else's car, since I can't tax my car.
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I have to be asleep within the next three minutes. Somehow I don’t think this is going to happen.

I’d forgotten how badly coffee before food gives me verbal diarrhoea. I couldn’t concentrate on more than two sentences at once, and only if I closed my eyes at the end of every paragraph. Trying to only talk about one thing at once was entertaining. I kind of found Ray’s headspace for a while and it was more than a little bit scary.

The concert was beyond awful *shudders*. I’m all for giving little people a chance, but I was under the impression that duets involved harmony, or, you know, actual singing. Actual singing would have been nice. I’m gonna try and wipe that from my memory…

Brad’s gone all sulky on me and is refusing to resolve all his stuff with Nate. And Nate… is still deciding whether to call Brad on his shit or just walk away because some things aren’t worth it. I hate when canon fucks with a good plot.

Also, Real!Nate Fick’s voice… and general command of the English Language kind of makes me squee…
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It would seem that in a period of less than 48 hours, I have to get from one end of the country to the other and back again (and I live in the middle). *sighs*

This means a 0600hrs start on a Saturday of all things, which combined with my shift tonight means sleeping is soo not going to happen. And the worst part: I have a three hour train ride in which there will be no iPod, no Audio Fic and absolutely no porn writing. And I'm not allowed to drive to Manchester, so that adds another hour or so onto the journey while my mother tries to change gear with her foot on the gear lever.

I may be dead by Monday.

Please send cookies... Or, y'know, Dean with the Impala... that could make travelling fun.


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