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Wales always messes with me. I always forget that I need to look for Welsh place-names rather than the English ones, and that roads that continue on maps tend to turn into the sea without warning on the land. I also forget that Gaelic is no help whatsoever with anything Welsh. *sighs* I am never driving in Wales by myself again, I only managed to escape via Sennybridge, which was helpfully labeled by the Army with "East-bound (England) Traffic, follow BYPASS A40". In Red.

On the plus side, I had the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in; the cute little pub had awesome cider that knocked me sideways at two in the afternoon; and I just had 'gigli' pasta, which has indeed made me giggly. *beams*

Never again Wales, never again until next year at least.


Jun. 5th, 2010 07:15 pm
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I hate real life. It gets in the way so much!

[ profile] idrilfinial and [ profile] stoptheraptors: I missed both of your Birthdays because I am a horrible person. Forgive me?

My life is a boring mess of Henrician Britain, Stalinist Russia and Feminist Propaganda. None of this is fun. Occassionally my boys also loose some rugby, just to cheer me up. Is fun. Bring on the summer!

30 Days Meme )

Also, please point me at anything fun/important/interesting floating around on LJ or teh interwebs that I've probably missed.


Jan. 4th, 2010 02:25 pm
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I am trying to tax my car. Unless I tax my car, I can't drive her on the roads. I need to drive her on the roads to get to school.

Taxing my car means paying money to the Government. The Government thinks this is a good thing. The Government needs more money. Why are they making it so difficult therefore to tax my car?

*screams* I'mma use someone else's car, since I can't tax my car.
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Dear World,

Moving a group of people from point A to point B on a deadline is not difficult. Please not to be making it so.

No love,


PS Move your bloody car!
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I have to be asleep within the next three minutes. Somehow I don’t think this is going to happen.

I’d forgotten how badly coffee before food gives me verbal diarrhoea. I couldn’t concentrate on more than two sentences at once, and only if I closed my eyes at the end of every paragraph. Trying to only talk about one thing at once was entertaining. I kind of found Ray’s headspace for a while and it was more than a little bit scary.

The concert was beyond awful *shudders*. I’m all for giving little people a chance, but I was under the impression that duets involved harmony, or, you know, actual singing. Actual singing would have been nice. I’m gonna try and wipe that from my memory…

Brad’s gone all sulky on me and is refusing to resolve all his stuff with Nate. And Nate… is still deciding whether to call Brad on his shit or just walk away because some things aren’t worth it. I hate when canon fucks with a good plot.

Also, Real!Nate Fick’s voice… and general command of the English Language kind of makes me squee…
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I give up. This English Lit syllabus is a fucking joke. The texts choose to be abstract and call it art but are too shallow for analysis, the contrasts between them are none existant, the constant emphais on men thinking only with their dicks has me about ready to slam out of each and every class I take and my teacher doesn't have the first clue how to teach Shakespeare! I had more understanding than her when I was twelve.
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NGH! I cannot write fic! At all *headdesk*. Even despite all the pretty words in my head.

Anyone want to rec me any anal beads fic to kick the muse into gear?

Once again, I find myself doing maths for fun. Something is wrong with this, maybe I stepped into an alternate universe by accident? I want to live in the Golden Compass Universe, mostly because I'd love a daemon.

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Tiniest update ever:

I’m back. Not very happy, but all safe and sound. Chinstrap, sulking and achy all over.

I also suck like a Dyson, because I forgot to buy any postcards. Sorry.

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I just turned up for work five minutes late. And then discovered that I'm not on the rota (even through I've been doing this shift every weekend for the past month). Nice to be informed. *headdesk*

Still, a whole afternoon to not write [ profile] rounds_of_kink ought to come in useful... Any chance of a beta if I ever get through the Jack/Ianto nightmare that I've signed up for? ♥
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Cait is having problems with colours again. Stupid Dave gave me a whole wad of BRIGHT RED PAPER as in, not just red, actual fucking RED! That shit hurts my head. Who prints papers in red anyway!?

Today [ profile] stoptheraptors  got told to “look at that distraction”. She went “what?” and then looked at the distraction. *headdesk*

Today I saw a comment from a fic journal I used to read back when I was [ profile] time_wraith , so I went back and read through some of his stuff. It was… interesting. It was kind of my introduction to kink in fiction, but looking back, it’s not as good as I remember it being. Maybe it's a personal thing, but... that version of D/s does nothing for me any more. Maybe I growed?

I suck at writing at the moment. I’m actually considering calling time until the summer now, because it’s so hard to write that it eats all of my time with no words on the screen to show for it. But I’m gonna try and get some Jack/Ianto done, ‘cause I owe [ profile] temporal_witch  for her Birthday (sorry baby!). *sighs*

Also, there are no locks on any of the doors in my house (inside doors, obviously). This kind of freaks me out. I WANT A LOCK. I don’t even know why, just... ugh! Privacy people! I can’t have a bath if there is no lock on the door. I can’t function as a human being without my baths.

Mmm. How pretty is Chris Kane in Angel? *drools*

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… and none of them will go down on paper (or, only at inappropriate moments, like wanting to write Happy!Parker/Elliot whilst talking on the bus *facepalm*).

Yesterday I spent four hours on a train. And then a further two trying to get twenty minutes down the road, because someone lied to me about picking me up, leaving me and my little sister in the dark in the snow in the most dangerous city in the area. Thanks for that one. I’m still angry. My poor Dad had to get Alasdair out of the bath, wrap themselves up all warm and then drive out trying to find us with neither him or I knowing the area at all. We could have been picked up from the train station, but no. Or, maybe caught the exchange in Chesterfield, but no. So fucking angry about that. Still, I got to be rescued by my Little Brother, which was fun.

It snowed again. I need it to stop snowing. Until after Wednesday. It can snow as much as it likes after then. All the side-roads are snowed up and slippery, which is fun. Though I did drive down a road called ‘saltburn’, which amused me. What with that and the now on the ‘Bus plug’ sign…

There are so many prompts I want to write for comment_fic, but the words just aren’t coming out properly. It’s been kind of hard to speak as well recently, which has me very stressed (though I think it’s stress that causes it, which would make that a vicious circle).

There are random people looking around my house. I kind of showed them around the downstairs, but I daren’t take them upstairs having had no notice and no time to clean up. They’re wandering around the garden now… *bites nails*

Also, Misha:

He’s soooo pretty. And he really doesn’t know what he’s letting himself in for…


Jan. 19th, 2009 06:23 pm
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I suck today.

No writingness, no revisingness, no making-of-flapjacks-ness. Nothing. Except I did finally get around to posting Hannah's Birthday present, and had a conversation about the weather with a nice lady in the post office (how very British of me, in a queue and everything!). Ngh! And I wanted to do more writingness, it's useful to me.

I need more icons. I need to find my hug icon, and a Jack icon and a Chris/Steve icon... just, lots of Icons really...



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