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Title:My First Kiss Went a Little Like This
Author: [ profile] echoing_dream
Fandom: The Covenant
Pairing: Pogue/Tyler
Rating: G
Warning(s): None.
Word Count: 1,478
Summary: "I've never kissed anyone," he says softly, closing his eyes to the hot tears that threaten again. He can't play spin the bottle or any of the other stupid games Reid and his friends think up. He doesn't want his first kiss to be like that, fumbled and awkward, in front of everyone.
Author's Note: Umm... This was supposed to be about 400 words long. Oops. For [ profile] boho_beata on the Weekly Meme (which she invented because she is awesome and wanted more delicious OT4 porn).

My First Kiss Went a Little Like This )


May. 10th, 2009 09:49 pm
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Migrane coming on. Exam tomorrow. Feel like someone buried an iceaxe in my head. *grumbles*

And I missed going to see the new X-Men movie, because my friend's uncle was unexpectedly taken ill and she was all worried about trying to get back in time. I she's OK. Pretty Gambit is pretty though, and I really wanted to see him on a big screen.

So, because I am shallow, I watched the Pilot of Friday Night Lights, which is about American Football. Thankfully, my step brother is quite into American Football at the moment, so I'm sure he can explain all the technical stuff to me. What confuses me most though is the part where they pray before and after each game. I know Texas is a very Christian part of America, but I can't work out if this is an exaggeration or an actual representation or... what.

Also, I managed to sign up for a fic challenge, and the deadline is the end of May, so I started to plot it out while lying in the sun this afternoon. The damn thing is 3,000 words already and I'm only on the second bullet point of plot. *headdesk* Why do I do this to myself.

*sigh* did manage to do something constructive today though:

Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, wings
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Cait burned her shoulders. Again. Now they are achey. And Cait can't wear a bra. And Cait can't type 'cause it hurts. *curls and feels all sorry for self and stupid pale skin*

Mmm, caught up with two old friends today. I'd forgotten how much I miss them actually, I love having friends who you can not speak to for months on end, and then when you do meet up, it all just clicks again. They're so easy to talk to, I don't think I've felt so calm and loved in a very long while. They're such beautiful people as well, all this gorgeous energy just pouring off them, and they don't mind when I tell them all about it with hand-waving and stuff. *happy sigh*

I was jealous though. They're both English Lit fiends and I'm stuck with a whole shitload of chem and phys to be revising. Kind of sucks when I'm the one that creams over Shakespeare.

I really want to go dancing. Not clubbing or drinking or anything, just actual, let-your-hair-down dancing, like when I was a kid and my sister and I would put on a CD really loud and just dance around in the sitting room. I'm really not a fan of this whole growing up thing.

Also, I wrote Leverage, Nate/Eliot Another Thing to Forget for [ profile] moonchildfic. It's kind of trippy, like my old-style writing. I think I might get back into that if I ever stop writing porn for long enough to find some plot.

I learned all about football today. I was very good and showed willing, and the boys were very patient with me (even though they did keep laughing and shaking their heads at me). I understood the offside rule for all of ten minutes, but then I thought about it too hard, and now I'm confused again. Really, you should just stick to rugby, the boys are a lot hotter...
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I had to wrestle with a waterlilly. From the bottom of a pond. That hadn't been cleaned in years. With a hangover. It was disgusting. There was pond stuff all over me. Gross.

And now I am watching childern's TV and something is missing and there's a purple... thing! that has Lenny Henry's voice coming from it... It's all far too confusing for me.

So I wrote porn instead.

[ profile] pez_grul RPS, Chris/Misha/Jeff, playing with the new toy
[ profile] honeyjojames RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, calm down
[ profile] honeyjojames RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, shower
[ profile] amara_m RPS, JDM/Samantha Ferris/Chris Kane, love potion, a bottle of whiskey and the full moon

Also, I have been relearning my photoshopping skills, because I can't find impala love bars anywhere, and the Impala is the love of Dean's life and the only girl for him, so she needs a bar of her very own.

And now the purple thing is dancing. It's all too much for me!!!


Apr. 15th, 2009 12:12 pm
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I had the prettiest dream last night, in which I managed to tell Jeff he ought to be fucking Misha (which was kind of stupid of dream!me, since Jeff was fucking me at the time). So then Jeff and Misha were at a club, and I was there, and they were just getting all kissy and... my Mum came in asking how long Phantom (the cat) has had a key for and how did he use it anyway, being all of a foot tall (and a CAT!) and by the way, what was I doing in bed because she hadn't heard me come back home. *headdesk* It was pretty though... Mmm Jeff/Misha.

And also I managed to miss threesome night over on [ profile] comment_fic. Gutted! So Imma gonna work through the lonely prompts now.

[ profile] badfalcon - NCIS, Gibbs/Abby, make me forget

In other news, my rich text thingy had a brain fart, and now I have to code everything manually. This makes me sad.
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Piano time with Beth! Seriously worth an hour on my knees (not like that!) for. I’d forgotten how much I miss my music, and some of my sight singing was definitely *cough* interesting *cough* tonight. Have to get back in practice before BBQ season then, else those boys are gonna drown me, and we can’t have that now.

Hmm… I think I must be uneducated, because I don’t understand half of the prompts in [ profile] comment_fic today. That would be me scrabbling through the lonely prompts then. I’m kind of confused about the etiquette though, some prompts kind of belong in other people’s ‘verses, and I have ideas for them, but it seems a little silly to ask permission for something so small, and yet at the same time rude not to. I was born in the wrong fucking century *headdesk*, most people probably don’t even care whose 'verses they write in...

No really though, I’d love to be a medieval knight, or a warlord in 300AD or something. Of course, I’d have to be a boy in order to do that, but that’s only a body switch seeing as my brain is decidedly male most of the time. Yep. I want to be a Dark Ages Warlord. It is my new life ambition, and about as likely to happen as my other ambition of actually passing any exams any time soon.

Also, I am a pervy old lady. Possibly an incestuously minded one (he’s not related by blood, it soooo doesn’t count!) um… shoulders *helpless look*.
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Just a few [ profile] comment_fics tonight:

[personal profile] hunters_retreat - Leverage, Eliot/Nate, just let me work my magic...
[ profile] honeyjojames - RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, squirm
[personal profile] raggedy_edge - RPS, Christian Kane/author's choice, tequila (Chris/Misha)
[ profile] havenward - Kane RPS, Chris/Steve/JDM, missing the show
[ profile] badfalcon - RPS, Christian/Steve, addicted

Mmm, woke up with the pretiest Misha/Jensen fic in my head, but I had to revise all day and now half of it is gone *sighs*. Maybe it will come back tomorrow? Either way, there needs to be more Misha porn, he's just so fucking pretty!

Also, I have been reading this over and over since I finally managed to listen to the whole of Of Bastard Saints on my iPod. It kind of reminded me why I love Dean so much. Now I'm trying to find Chris/Steve podfic, but there doesn't seem to be any, and I don't know how to make it. I might have to learn...

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Well, comparatively.

I think I might sleep in my car tonight, because it has doors that lock and no-one's overturned everything I own onto the top of it...

At least she's snuggly.

On a happier note:

[ profile] comment_fic s:

Jeff/Misha - Through the Morning, Through the Night
Jeff/Chris - Spanking
Chris/Steve - "Who knows how to love you without being told"
Chris/Steve - Hangover
Chris/Steve/Jeff - Sinful
Chris/Steve - Sensual

And the muse woke me late again with more smuttness, but that needs editing. So much for giving up the writing!


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