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OK Flist, I am freaking the fuck out about Results Day tomorrow. So, I want to know your top 5 Bullet-Proof Kinks and your 3 Favourite Pairings (and anything else happy and non-stressful that you want to send me).

I'll go first )

So, what do you all think? Or were you just waiting for the pretty?
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Wales always messes with me. I always forget that I need to look for Welsh place-names rather than the English ones, and that roads that continue on maps tend to turn into the sea without warning on the land. I also forget that Gaelic is no help whatsoever with anything Welsh. *sighs* I am never driving in Wales by myself again, I only managed to escape via Sennybridge, which was helpfully labeled by the Army with "East-bound (England) Traffic, follow BYPASS A40". In Red.

On the plus side, I had the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in; the cute little pub had awesome cider that knocked me sideways at two in the afternoon; and I just had 'gigli' pasta, which has indeed made me giggly. *beams*

Never again Wales, never again until next year at least.
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  1. My Puppy and I went on a four mile walk yesterday. She was all bouncy and got covered in mud, I met a grand total of five people the entire time (which is pretty much my idea of heaven) and had Nate Fick reading aloud to me and teaching me all about being a Marine. All things considered, it was the best hour of my holiday so far.

  2. I managed to sleep through New Year. And… well, I’m pretty much sleeping through everything at the moment. I’m starting to wonder if I have anaemia or something, because I have not been this tired in a long, long time. And I can’t process anything anyone is saying to me. Is fun.

  3. Dr Who very nearly made me cry. I think I’m gonna have to watch it again now that I know what happens. Without hiding behind the bear.

  4. Gen Kill DVDs are awesome. ASkars and PJ Ransone’s commentary is killing me! I love how they put the actors through boot camp, it really shows in the weapon handling and everything. I think I’m just about over my Real Person squick, so maybe the muses can come back out of hiding. Somehow I have over 6k words of AU and still no porn. This makes me sad. Also, I really want Rudy/Pappy fic.

  5. Coffee!

  6. Oh Walt! It’s OK baby, the car wasn’t stopping and you’re chin strapped. *< /3*

And now, I’m gonna have a bath in the middle of the night and give my headspace a serious talking to, because this is not funny any more.
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I give up. This English Lit syllabus is a fucking joke. The texts choose to be abstract and call it art but are too shallow for analysis, the contrasts between them are none existant, the constant emphais on men thinking only with their dicks has me about ready to slam out of each and every class I take and my teacher doesn't have the first clue how to teach Shakespeare! I had more understanding than her when I was twelve.
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I just turned up for work five minutes late. And then discovered that I'm not on the rota (even through I've been doing this shift every weekend for the past month). Nice to be informed. *headdesk*

Still, a whole afternoon to not write [ profile] rounds_of_kink ought to come in useful... Any chance of a beta if I ever get through the Jack/Ianto nightmare that I've signed up for? ♥
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Well, comparatively.

I think I might sleep in my car tonight, because it has doors that lock and no-one's overturned everything I own onto the top of it...

At least she's snuggly.

On a happier note:

[ profile] comment_fic s:

Jeff/Misha - Through the Morning, Through the Night
Jeff/Chris - Spanking
Chris/Steve - "Who knows how to love you without being told"
Chris/Steve - Hangover
Chris/Steve/Jeff - Sinful
Chris/Steve - Sensual

And the muse woke me late again with more smuttness, but that needs editing. So much for giving up the writing!


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