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  • I think I need to buy a teapot. They’re so cute and it would save me all the hassle of having to boil up the kettle each time and find the teabags and wait hours for it to brew. But, then there’d be hassle with finding loose tea and remembering to strain it, wouldn’t there. Oh, and also with the part where tea is my I-want-to-go-home-and-curl-up-under-the-duvet-with-my-teddy-bear comfort drink, so buying a teapot is a bit like tempting fate. Oh. Maybe not buying a teapot then. But they’re so cute!

  • I am so hungry! I’ve been carb-loading out of habbit all week, so I stopped today (and only ate a few slices of pizza, because I’m sensible like that). But now I’m craving pasta and bread and I’m all out of Nutri-Grain bars for bulk. *sighs* I’m going to get back into long runs just so I can eat properly again.

  • I have become nocturnal once again. It happens. I’m used to it. I work nights in the holidays in any case. It still makes me cross that people have decided I am lazy because I work ten hour shifts that finish at 0200hrs and don’t then get up at 0600hrs. I have nothing to be awake for at that time, why should I deprive myself of desperately needed sleep?

  • Writing is not going well. I had a sudden burst of inspiration at 0300hrs a few days ago, and now there are three four [ profile] rounds_of_kink prompts on the go, but I keep stuttering to a halt in the middle of them. Tyler keeps being a rag-doll; Pogue’s far too invested in Caleb’s welfare to notice Tyler being all wet and adorable in an otherwise empty hot tub; Nate can’t decide what he was wearing before he ended up in Brad’s kitchen and therefore can’t work out whether he can run home or not; and Reid is being Reid and refusing to speak to me at all. Boys! *throws hands up in despair*

  • I have worked out what was upsetting me so much about the almost-wank in the GK fandom. I’m going to think about it some more, and then try and do something constructive about it. I hate wank so much!

  • Also for the GK fandom, I think we need a massive rec list that details everything written so far. Then it could be a first port of call when people are looking for a fic and can’t remember what it was called. I know [ profile] alethialia did one a while ago, and there’s the Porn Skirmish and also the Porn Battle… Am I missing something big? I need to make a list I think.

  • There is no rugby now until November. On the one hand, that gives everyone much-needed recovery time. On the other hand, I’m bored already. Somehow, England seem to still be in the World Cup. I don’t know how that happened but I would very much like my television back please. Oh, and I would also like to be allowed not to be English. Some of us that live here actually have a heritage, difficult as that may be to comprehend.

  • Umm… How beautiful is Ed Westwick!? I must catch up on Gossip Girl…
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Day 13 - 18 (Oops!) )
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True Blood 3x01 )

This Post is pissing me off. I can’t seem to explain exactly why in words which are repeatable. I think it has a lot to do with my opinion that everyone should get over themselves around here. But I appreciate that I am utterly exhausted and spoiling for a fight just now. Maybe I’ll try getting some thoughts down on paper at some point. Urgh. Can I not have one fandom that I want to stay in for more than a few months? I’m going to back to writing Covenant slash… *grumbles*
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Day 8 and Day 9 )

Day 7

Jun. 11th, 2010 04:23 pm
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Day 7 )

Day 6

Jun. 10th, 2010 06:50 pm
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Day 6 )

Day 5

Jun. 9th, 2010 05:59 pm
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Day 5 )
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Day 3 & Day 4 )

Ironically, I managed to forget every book I've ever read in my exam this morning. That was somewhat entertaining...

And now Cus is damaged and probably won't play against Argentina on the weekend. *sad face*

Day 2

Jun. 6th, 2010 03:07 pm
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Day 2 )


Jun. 5th, 2010 07:15 pm
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I hate real life. It gets in the way so much!

[ profile] idrilfinial and [ profile] stoptheraptors: I missed both of your Birthdays because I am a horrible person. Forgive me?

My life is a boring mess of Henrician Britain, Stalinist Russia and Feminist Propaganda. None of this is fun. Occassionally my boys also loose some rugby, just to cheer me up. Is fun. Bring on the summer!

30 Days Meme )

Also, please point me at anything fun/important/interesting floating around on LJ or teh interwebs that I've probably missed.

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YES I DO. And everyone thinks I'm crazy for it.

My Ka that I have now is called Tia. I'm not sure if she likes it, because we don't talk very much yet. Apparently she is intimidated by me. I must have become far more intimidating recently...

I used to have my beautiful Bella-car. She was called Isabella because she was very dramatic and a little crazy, and she used to do things like steal gears off me, so I could drive in a traffic jam with no first gear. She also changed my music whenever she got bored. She was fun. I miss her.

Also, I sometimes drive Eric when my car isn't working. He's called Eric because it took me a while to work out that he was a boy, and he used to be very cross with me and throw me off the road in corners. But then I worked it out and we get on fine now. He's very calm and reliable. He just plodds on quiet happily.

My Mum's car is called Gordon, but I'm not allowed to drive him and he doesn't like me much anyway. I think he's bored because he's the sports version and my mum drives like a tortoise.

And the Scoobie is called Scoobie. Because he's a Scoobie. I'm not allowed to drive him either. But that's OK because he doesn't even speak to me. He's probably forgotten how from being forced to listen to cricket for hours every day.

That's all the cars I'm allowed to name. My friend's cars have names, but I'm usually driving other people around, so I don't know them so well.

Also: Hello LJ. I'll update after the rugby, assuming I get some sleep before then... ♥
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[ profile] temporal_witch
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Touch. Pause. Engage. )

Also, have a meme:

Mosaic Meme

1. Answer each of the questions below the cut using the Flickr Search Engine
2. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
3. Copy the URL of your favourite photos here.
4. Then share with the world.

First Name | Favourite Food | Hometown
Favourite Colour | Celebrity Crush | Favourite Drink
Dream Vacation | Favourite Dessert | What I Want To Be When I Grow Up
What I Love Most In The World | One Word That Describes Me | My LiveJournal Name

Chi mi'n geamhradh 'as a' ghaoith Chaneil an sheachd' fada bhuainn )
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Today I had The Most Fun Ever (by which I mean that I was amused for over an hour). Mostly this consisted of not having sheet music (as if I wouldn’t have a contingency plan, I am the queen of making shit up as I go along!), and then getting to watch everyone’s jaws drop at my jazz-style Summertime with added crazy-high parts. Yeah, I LOL’d. But I’d forgotten how good it feels just to sing sometimes, and the acoustics in our performance room are amazing! It’s like singing in a Cathedral *swoons*.

I am going to buy this dress. Because it is prettyful. And I am thinking I could dress it up or down, so it will be an investment, not just an impulse buy. And then of course I’ll have to buy shoes to go with it…

I glanced through an essay from one of the upper fours while I was waiting to do something else (because I’m nosy like that), and it made me smile. The question was “Sassoon and Owen were in a mental hospital together, do you think these poems are the work of madmen?” and the girl had concluded that she liked Owen’s poem best and that they couldn’t have been crazy because their poems were too good. Which made me smile, because that’s a beautiful way of looking at it.

Keya and I have decided that guys with swords are invariably hotter than guys without swords. We think the swords add about three points onto a guy’s rating. And we like Sean Bean’s voice. And Ed Westwick, but more when he’s being Ed Westwick than when he’s being Chuck Bass. And then we had a fight, because I think Nate Archibald is the epitome of beautiful, and Keya disagrees. Because she is wrong.

I am eventually going to write all of this in a fic. Not the same fic. Different fics. <small>I really wanted to write ‘Fick’ there.</small> )

I am going to try and catch up on FNL before the finale. Mostly because I'm really woried about Tim. *wibbles* ♥
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We lost to France. Again. And I was really hoping for some wins this year! Scotland fans seem to live in hope. *sighs*

I am never living in London. It’s fun for a few hours, but I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in a massive city where everyone is so rude. They say northerners are the cold ones in this country, but if I had to choose between being lost in London and being lost in Edinburgh, I’d take Edinburgh every time.

Trip to Camden. With Polar Bears! )

And Proof that Rugby is better than football (maybe NSFW)! )

[WTF happened to my Facebook page!? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Or at least have an ‘opt out’. Fucking Facebook, no wonder I keep forgetting it’s there… And how am I meant to log out!? THIS MAKES NO SENSE!]
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More snow. Lots of it. Caity is coooold!

My friend Katy can’t eat cake or chocolate any more, which makes her sad (and Katy is a big sister like me, so she’s everyone’s Mum and she makes sure we all get proper hugs, so it’s extra sad). But she can eat Rice Krispie treats! So I’m gonna make Rice Krispie Treats for her! I think I have to add something to the marshmallows before I melt them… Might have to go and check that.

What the Hell is ‘Glee’ and why is it/are they murdering Queen songs while I’m trying to eat toast and cram history notes?

I now have empirical proof that my though patterns are freaky: my flow charts cascade and the overlaps show chronology. I think in four dimensions. *headdesk*

My muse needs a serious talking to, I have become more shallow than a paddling pool and I don’t like it.

Happy Things:
  • I recognised text by Karl Marx from the tiniest clues ever! My powers of deduction know no bounds!
  • No working on Friday, so I can sleep before I’m up at 0500 to catch a train to London(!).
  • I have all afternoon free tomorrow to catch up on… whatever catches my attention at the time.

  • The guy at my Debate Chamber workshop summed me up in three words: “Passionate but absent-minded”. I beamed. ♥
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I Porned. I can't believe it took eight of the nine days for a Porn Battle prompt to bite me. And then I hit 15 at once *shakes head at self*. Anyway:

Title:The Breath Before the Phrase
Fandom: Generation Kill [High School AU]
Pairing: Brad/Ray
Rating: NC17
Word Count: Just Under 2,000
Warning(s): Allusion to Abuse
Prompt(s): affection, aftermath, bruise, contact, fingers, first time, high school, high, home, mouth, quiet, sleep, tattoos.

But then Ray’s tongue flickers out, presses against the seam of Brad’s lips, and he’s opening his mouth, letting Ray in. Smoke bleeds down his throat, thick and heavy, Ray’s tongue sliding teasingly over his lower lip as he pulls away.
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I have this nagging feeling that I was supposed to do something for someone today, but I can't think what it was or for whom. I just hope it wasn't too important, whatever it was...
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Title: Shelter from the Storm
Author: [ profile] echoing_dream
Fandom: Generation Kill
Pairing/character: Nate/Brad
Length: 4,396
Rating: NC17
Warning(s): (None)
Summary: In a lecture on a Thursday morning it all becomes too much. A sort of Nate-needing-reassurance and Brad being there fic. With fluff. And porn.
Notes: Calling [ profile] kahtyasofia a beta is like calling the ocean damp...

( Shelter from the Storm )


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