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Here is proof that [ profile] raven_velith has some kind of conspiracy with my muse. Look what she made me do!

[ profile] echoing_dream: The guy sleeps naked on Chuck's sofa while Chuck fucks the maids! Either they're fucking or they're both seriously repressed.
[ profile] echoing_dream: And there's no way Chuck hasn't got Nate all high and dreamy and kissed him senseless.
[ profile] raven_velith: XD!
[ profile] raven_velith: On said couch, of course.
[ profile] echoing_dream: Uh huh! But then Chuck smirked and crawled between Nate's legs on his way off the sofa and back into his big bed and Nate was all whiney and hot and not quite sure what to do.
[ profile] echoing_dream: But Chuck wouldn't listen, because Nate has to make this decision himself, so he just strips all slow with his back to Nate and slides under the cool, clean sheets.
[ profile] echoing_dream: And Nate's biting his lips and wondering if he can blame the sweet smoke in his brain for it all, and then he wonders if he even cares because Chuck's always been there for him and just for once in his life he wants!
[ profile] raven_velith: <3<3<3<3<3~
[ profile] echoing_dream: So he tumbles off the sofa and gets caught in his clothes, but Chuck just laughs and reaches out his arms to help, and then Nate's tumbling into his bed, and desperate and skittish, and Chuck has to breathe because he's needed this since forever and he's so fucking close already.
[ profile] echoing_dream: So he kicks the sheets away and lays Nate out on the bed, kisses down his chest and the sharp lines of his hips. The sounds Nate makes are almost too much, cock angry and leaking all over his belly, and Chuck gives in.
[ profile] echoing_dream: He slides back up Nate's body, pressing them closed and biting at Nate's mouth as he rocks their hips together, trying to drink in Nate's noises and how bright his eyes are locked on Chuck's as his hips rise and collide and finally match the rhythm.
[ profile] echoing_dream: And then it's messy and fast and Chuck comes way too fast but can't really bring himself to care because Nate's hands are scrabbling at his shoulders and he's making the most beautiful gasping moans and he spills all over Chuck's stomach and his own thighs.
[ profile] echoing_dream: Chuck drops down on top of him and kisses all the noisy angry thoughts back out of his head.
[ profile] echoing_dream: [Umm... here, free porn? The muse kind of ran away with me there...]
[ profile] raven_velith: *O*~
[ profile] raven_velith: They got too noisy again? XD
[ profile] echoing_dream: [Wait, I have to open a window or something. Give me a second!]
[ profile] raven_velith: :.giggles!.:: XD)
[ profile] echoing_dream: [You think I'm kidding!]
[ profile] echoing_dream: Mmm... Yeah. Nate's thoughts are very loud, and Chuck can feel him tense up, so he rests his hand on Nate's cheek, turns his face so he's looking directly back at Chuck again.
[ profile] echoing_dream: "Easy, Nathaniel," he murmurs, and tries to keep it in a relaxed drawl, kissing over the elegant line of Nate's jaw, thumb against Nate's racing pulse.
[ profile] echoing_dream: "Chuck!" Nate's voice is harsh, discusted almost, and Chuck's every instinct is to curl in on himself, to kick Nate from his bed and blame the smoke, but something tells him there's no going back now.
[ profile] echoing_dream: "We can have this," he promises, and all his smoothness has gone. It catches Nate, the raw emotion in his best friend's voice, and it's like he finally sees clearly, understands the need that's been bubbling under his skin.
[ profile] echoing_dream: "We can have this," Chuck says again, "but only if you trust me." And Nate sighs and arches his neck up, catching at Chuck's mouth again.
[ profile] echoing_dream: Ummm... The End. The mood has gone, sorry.
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