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OK Flist, I am freaking the fuck out about Results Day tomorrow. So, I want to know your top 5 Bullet-Proof Kinks and your 3 Favourite Pairings (and anything else happy and non-stressful that you want to send me).

Top 5 Bullet Proof Kinks

  1. Gun Play Pun completely unintended. I think the danger-element is a major factor. Just the idea of solid, cold metal and the trust between partners required *shivers*. Bonus Points if the people involved actually have weapons training or use them in their day to day lives.

  2. Fisting. I can't believe how much this used to squick me! Again, the trust element does it for me, along with the whole vulnerability that the bottom has.

  3. Boys being just that little bit violent. I'm not talking non-con, but a little bit of fighting to get the adrenaline going. Bonus points if the boys are well-matched (Brad/Nate, Reid/Caleb) and constantly struggling to get the upper hand. Marking that comes from that only adds to the squee.

  4. Orgasms that melt brain-cells. As in, the ones that are so intense they leave people unable to string words together. I just love the idea of people falling back into the sheets all fucked-out and snuggly.

  5. Random Kisses. Especially in the middle of really intense sex scenes, someone just leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to hipbones and thighs and shoulder-blades and Mmmm. Even just fics where there's no sex, just a few kisses will do it for me if there's the right amount of emotion in the kisses.

3 Favourite Pairings

  1. Pogue/Tyler (The Covenant). Something about Pogue corrupting Tyler and being able to let go at the same time makes me love these two. They have the whole eye-fucking thing going on in the movie, and I love how well they work as a team. As much as I love my OT4, these two together are my favourite.

  2. Brad/Nate (Generation Kill). Power Play. These two are intellectual equals and they just get each other so much. I love the intimate little moments between them, the way Nate leans on Brad even dispite himself, and the fact that Nate gets under Brad's skin with his competence and passion.

  3. Tim/Tyra (Friday Night Lights). They're both so dysfunctional and messed up, and that's why they're so perfect for each other. Despite the part where they break up so early on, it's clear that Tyra genuinely cares for Tim and she's the one he seeks out when he reaches rock bottom. I'd love to see them get back together in the future, but in my head, they were on and off for years all the way through school. Tyra gets Tim in a way that most people don't, and Tim doesn't expect things of her, he doesn't push her or hold her back, he just lets her be. In my head, their sex is massively kinky because of that.

So, what do you all think? Or were you just waiting for the pretty?

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