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Yesterday, I got lost in a multi-story carpark for three quarters of an hour. With a car who hates inclines and completely ran out of oil on me. That was a scary journey. And then when we finally got to the barrier to escape, it wouldn’t accept my ticket, and I had to call security and get them to let me out. *headdesk* Then, I went to see the new Twilight film.

To pre-face: I am not a Twilight fan. I’ve never read the books, nor do I have any intention of reading them. I tried to watch the first film to see why people were raving about it, but it bored me and I wondered off halfway through the DVD. I went to see Eclipse purely to perv over Jacob’s shoulders (which were delicious, in case you were wondering) and to cheer up my friend Sarah, who’s having a bad time.

For saying all that, it was actually better than I thought it was going to be. I’m not sure it counts as an actual proper film so much as a teenage fantasy, but for a fantasy, it was very pretty. I don’t get why everyone’s fighting over Edward and Jacob when Emmet’s right there being all crooked-smirk and massive shoulders, but I guess it leaves more for me to drool over. Kellan still looked better as a blond IMO. *sighs*

I want to analyse the whole thing, and work through some of the ideas (like, can you actually appreciate that you’re in love when you’re 18?), but… It’s Twilight, so there doesn’t seem to be much point. I think I might be a fan of Bella still having her V-card and still managing to be a heroine, though if she does get pregnant in the next film and *shudders* all the other icky stuff that my friends were trying to make me throw up over happens, I might be rethinking that one.

The interplay between Edward and Jacob intrigued me. Apparently, I have to see the preceding film in order to understand it better, but the two of them in the tent fighting and also not-fighting over Bella was quite clever, especially Jacob having no conditions under which he could like Edward. They get some funny one-liners as well, what with Edward’s “doesn’t he own a shirt?” and Jacob’s “let’s face it, I’m hotter than you” (to which Danni and I purred and Sarah shook her head and tried to look superior). I could ship Jacob/Edward, I think. But in my head, Jacob would be played by Steven Strait and Edward by Ed Westwick... Mmm…

The training/battle scenes were nicely done as well I thought. I particularly like the rugby tackle method of defeating other vampires. And Jasper’s back story was decent enough.

My favourite part of the film was Edward asking Bella to marry him, because the girl in the seat in front of me suddenly sat up-right and squeaked “I will!”

Yeah. I still don’t really get Twilight. Mostly, I just want to find a guy who’ll hug me like this:

And on the way back, my Tia car lost power to her engine, so we had to nurse her back and switch for Eric, who was faithful as ever and rescued us. Though he did spit the glove-box at Danni several times, and she only has skinny knees. Hopefully, I can fix Tia myself, since I can’t afford to drop her into the garage just now.

I now seem to have started and argument between Welsh people over the correct pronunciation of the letter ‘y’. We don’t have ‘y’ in Gaelic, I’m beginning to think that might be because it causes too many arguments…
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