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Title: Light Comes Pouring Through
Author: [ profile] echoing_dream
Fandom: The Covenant
Pairing: Caleb/Pogue/Tyler
Word Count: 4,065
Rating: NC17
Kinks: Multiple Orgasms
Warning(s): None
Prompt: [ profile] caiyenne "Can you take it?" on [ profile] rounds_of_kink
Summary: Reid had been twitchy for months, growing ever more scratchy since his Ascension, the new power bubbling hot and angry under his skin... When Reid leave, Pogue and Caleb comfort Tyler.
Author’s Note: Unbeta'd. This is not happy fic...

( 'Cause you are not alone / And I am there with you / And we'll get lost together / 'Till the light comes pouring through )


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