May. 11th, 2010

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YES I DO. And everyone thinks I'm crazy for it.

My Ka that I have now is called Tia. I'm not sure if she likes it, because we don't talk very much yet. Apparently she is intimidated by me. I must have become far more intimidating recently...

I used to have my beautiful Bella-car. She was called Isabella because she was very dramatic and a little crazy, and she used to do things like steal gears off me, so I could drive in a traffic jam with no first gear. She also changed my music whenever she got bored. She was fun. I miss her.

Also, I sometimes drive Eric when my car isn't working. He's called Eric because it took me a while to work out that he was a boy, and he used to be very cross with me and throw me off the road in corners. But then I worked it out and we get on fine now. He's very calm and reliable. He just plodds on quiet happily.

My Mum's car is called Gordon, but I'm not allowed to drive him and he doesn't like me much anyway. I think he's bored because he's the sports version and my mum drives like a tortoise.

And the Scoobie is called Scoobie. Because he's a Scoobie. I'm not allowed to drive him either. But that's OK because he doesn't even speak to me. He's probably forgotten how from being forced to listen to cricket for hours every day.

That's all the cars I'm allowed to name. My friend's cars have names, but I'm usually driving other people around, so I don't know them so well.

Also: Hello LJ. I'll update after the rugby, assuming I get some sleep before then... ♥


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