Feb. 3rd, 2010

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More snow. Lots of it. Caity is coooold!

My friend Katy can’t eat cake or chocolate any more, which makes her sad (and Katy is a big sister like me, so she’s everyone’s Mum and she makes sure we all get proper hugs, so it’s extra sad). But she can eat Rice Krispie treats! So I’m gonna make Rice Krispie Treats for her! I think I have to add something to the marshmallows before I melt them… Might have to go and check that.

What the Hell is ‘Glee’ and why is it/are they murdering Queen songs while I’m trying to eat toast and cram history notes?

I now have empirical proof that my though patterns are freaky: my flow charts cascade and the overlaps show chronology. I think in four dimensions. *headdesk*

My muse needs a serious talking to, I have become more shallow than a paddling pool and I don’t like it.

Happy Things:
  • I recognised text by Karl Marx from the tiniest clues ever! My powers of deduction know no bounds!
  • No working on Friday, so I can sleep before I’m up at 0500 to catch a train to London(!).
  • I have all afternoon free tomorrow to catch up on… whatever catches my attention at the time.

  • The guy at my Debate Chamber workshop summed me up in three words: “Passionate but absent-minded”. I beamed. ♥


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